I had my gallstone removal surgery very recently by Dr Abhijit Bagul. I was deep pain and the surgery was critical but with his experience and precision the whole process went of smoothly and I was walking without any help the very next day. I have seen many who had pain and discomfort after the surgery. But I have started walking, playing sports and doing household chores quite smoothly. Highly recommended if you have similar problem and looking for the best surgeon. He is definitely the one

Bani Dey

Dr. Abhijit is very efficient, kind and friendly. I had to undergo gall bladder removal surgery n he is the one who handled the procedure. Extremely satisfied and happy. Overall nice experience.

manu suresh

Dr Abhijit Bagul is an excellent and experienced doctor. I was referred to him for a fitsula (Abscess) and my experience during the entire treatment (and surgery) was very good. He makes you understand the problem, suggest the best possible treatment and is very professional. He personally gets involved, during the entire process and also give proper instructions, guidance for post operation care procedures. I would recommend him and rate him as one of the best surgeons in Mumbai.

somesh surana

Dr. Abhijit baghul treated my dad for acute pancreatitis along with gall stones while my dad was covid positive. I must say he is the best surgeon and a kind human being. The way he handled the case and also he was giving me every update and explained me all the management and prognosis from time to time which helped me reduce my stress. He operated my dad ( Laproscopic cholecystectomy) its a laparoscopic procedure for removal of gall stones along with gall bladder. my dad is doing great and has completely recovered from the illness.I definitely would recommend him to everyone who is looking for a great surgeon.

Dr. Sarfaraz Shaikh

I have gone to dr for a lump surgery. I was very much tensed as l had no symptoms but still had some abnormalities in scanning. Dr explained everything very well and advised to go for a surgery. Everything went well . Really appreciate his friendly behaviour and clarity in explaining things. I always believe that God resides in the finger tips of surgeons and its really true in the case of Dr. Abhijit bagul. He is very much approachable.Even my mom had undergone small bowel surgery under him.Thanks to all support he had done even at that time.

suni nair

Your outstanding skills as a surgeon were in the right place at the right time, Thank you for everything you have done for me! You are a wonderful, caring doctor who was always friendly and comforting to your patients.

suvarna mahale

Dr Abhijit Bagul is *God's gift to mankind* in the true sense. He operated on me for Lipoma on the neck and the fear prevailing earlier just vanished by his miraculous touch and cure. He is not only a highly vigilant capable and efficient Surgeon but also a wonderful human being. Courteous, Caring, Selfless, Loving, Skillful, Inspiring and Encouraging personality. I shall always be indebted to him and always stand by him whenever he needs. He went out of his way to ensure that i was well looked after and thus recovered soon due to his care and guidance.
If you are looking for a Surgeon, Dr Abhijit is the safest Haven to mankind. I wish him the very best in life. Thanks Doc!

Ami Tonk

Dr. Abhijit Bagul... I cannot thank enough for your efforts towards my well being. You did magic.
Before going to OT we didn’t do a background check or google search about the doctor. But I met a real human being out there who is extremely skill full at his job. He gave my life back, with extreme positive energy. He touched my organs with humanity, with love not just as a Surgeon. He transferred his positive energy to my internal organs. This helped me recover so fast that everyone around me was surprised including him. Love you doc. Keep it up.
Let me know if you need me anytime, even in the OT😇. I’ll be there with the same positive energy.
You are the rock star....🤗🤗

Anjan Panda